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Loveland Mill
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About Us

The Loveland Mill is owned and operated by Peggy Tanis and Amy Goode. They opened the doors on April 6, 2000. 
They were recently featured in a "Great Neighborhood" profile in The Cincinnati Enquirer!  Check it out the link below......... 

"Great Neighborhoods" The Loveland Mill

Our Business Philosophy

Peggy and Amy wanted to create a place as friendly as your own living room. 

You can enjoy the art on the walls.

You can enjoy a cup of coffee sitting in a rocking chair by the fireplace. There's always a newspaper or local reading on our bookshelf. Sit on the patio and watch the walkers, runners and cyclist on the trail. Meet with your friends and listen to music performed by local artists on the weekend evening. We always encourage our guests to relax and stay awahile.


Located on the Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail.

Front Entrance; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Loveland is a favorite jumping off spot for users of the bike trail.